Wednesday 22 August 2007

Down but not out..

Its been long time since I posted anything out here.All these days I was ruminating over what all things could be done if I postpone my MBA by an year.

I honestly evaluated my candidature, I realized many of my strengths and weaknesses.

1)WE: This August I completed 4 years of work experience. By next fall it would be 5 years. If I postpone by 1 year I would have close to 2 years of international experience.

2)WE: Also, in the US I can diversify my profile work experience in some enhanced role or shift into relationship management or sales. This could add another dimension to the work ex.

3)Build Transcript: I can build my transcript by taking some credits in economics / accounting from near by university in the US while I am working. (May b U of Florida)

4)Learn Foreign Language: China is making huge strides in global market place and its economy is showing sustained double digit growth and is destined to be super power in a decade to challenge dominance of the US. Will it be good idea to start learning Mandarian ? But thats hell difficult to learn..If not possible I will start learning french.

5)Extra-Curr & Community service : I had taken salsa classes till level 2. I will further my interest there..may be learn tango too :) Can indulge in some atheletics and sport activity too... Regarding community service I will do anything if it comes naturally...not thought of anything as yet but something like fund-raising for some NGO working to address global warming ..would be great ...

WOW !!! Several things to add....

May be I should be able to put in solid app in top (10-15) if above things materialize....I am hoping that within 1-2 weeks my date for travel should be fixed.

Currently, I have put up "WORK IN PROGRESS" board on many fronts of life...praying hard to make things work for me..

Saturday 4 August 2007

Few Random thoughts...

On friday, I went to US consulate for H1B interview. My visa got approved in 2-3 minute interview. Since the time visa processing started, my focus on applications and MBA is slightly getting diverted.

I never had a doubt about whether to do MBA. For me,a person from middle class background, money is important and can not be ignored. H1 B is giving me opportunity to earn huge and will let me save good amount of $$ for MBA. This will reduce the debt in great deal once I start MBA. Even in IT people from similar background as mine were hired by investment banks like Merryl Lynch, Goldman, CSFB at a salary of $100 k +.

Despite of this earning, I know the work profile will more or less remain same. I dont want to move out of IT or technology field completely even post MBA. I would prefer to get into business development in IT or IT Strategy Consulting. Since I dont want to change my career completely, some additional work experience might be helpful too.

There are some downsides too. I may get addicted to the life in the US and $$ that I may not get back to studies...I will try hard with strong determination that this will not happen. I will age by one more year. So I will start my MBA at 28 and end when I am 30. Will this be too late??

Whether to do it this year or not in the context of opportunites that I'm getting currently and my future goals is very very tough decision.

Lot of these thoughts are coming in my way of writing good quality essays...:(
Today, after posting some of these things out here my mind has become free.