Tuesday, 17 April, 2007

GMAT ends and new journey begins

This is my second attempt at blogging.

I started blogging first time during my GMAT preparation, but could not keep posting
consistently. Here I would like to share all my experiences so far and whatever I will gain in future as I cruise through MBA application process.

I am planning to apply for Class of 2010. (Fall 2008 intake)

No doubt, GMAT is the first and the most important step in MBA journey. I completed GMAT in Jan'07 with a score of 710 ( Q-48, V-38).

I started GMAT preparation with TestMagic and scoretop in June - July..It took 6 months of on-off study during most hectic work schedule,12-14 hrs a day and even weekends many times, and two attempts to get to the target score.

Here, I am not wasting space writing about my GMAT Preparation. Following are the links to the debrief I wrote on TestMagic and Scoretop.

TestMagic : http://www.urch.com/forums/just-finished-my-gmat/63631-640-q-50-v-27-710-q-48-v-38-a.html

Scoretop: http://www.scoretop.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=39780&KW=charu%5Fmulye

I am very much excited to begin phase 2 of my journey. This phase will be filled with lot of introspection, frustration of rejects and gruelling waitlists, success of few great admits. So lots of ups and downs in coming 6 months..and I am ready to face it all...

Wish me luck for this new phase !!