Friday, 24 October, 2008

Vandy Interview scheduled...

While juggling my CFA studies, hectic work schedule and MBA applications, I finally submitted my Vanderbilt, Owen application in R1 - (Early Action)
I have got the interview invitation and I would be interviewed on campus on Oct-27.

This is my first campus visit and I'm really excited about it.
Here is my brief itinerary -

9:30 AM Meet student host Eric Anderson Admissions/CMC Room 136
9:40 AM Attend Corporate Valuation Management with Nathan Averbuch
11:15AM Evaluative Interview with Kat Buckspan Admissions/CMC Room 136
1:00 PM Lunch with Eric Overcup Oak
2:00 PM Career Management Center Overview Admissions/CMC Room 136

I went on to Vanderbilt website to check who is Kat Buckspan. She's just one year elder to me and she's Associate Director of Admissions at Owen. That's impressive.

I plan to be regular on the blogs. I am crazy about planning for my b-school. This year I have to get in.

I will post more about my experience later...

All the best for fellow applicants.


ruche said...

How was your interview ?

Xavier said...

So, the interview ??

Charu said...

The interview was standard but i did learn lessons from that.

I will post about it in this weekend or next week

Xavier said...

Hi Charu,

I have my interview at Vanderbilt next Monday. If you can share with me your thoughts this weekend, I will really appreciate.

I am supposed to have the interview and to visit the career center. I do not know what to expect from the second part of my visit.

Have you already received their answer?


Anonymous said...


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